I have a friend from the UK, Alex Carver, who’s recently released a book called Where There’s A Will: Inspector Stone Book One that I know you would enjoy. I’ve read the beginning using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. It’s very compelling, and the book cover mesmerizes me. I have over 100 books in my personal “wanna read it” list, and this one’s in the #1 slot. That’s no small feat considering there’s a Stephen King novel on my list.

Alex can explain the synopsis better than I can:

An armed robbery, a kidnapping, and an enemy that’s closer than anyone realises.

Inspector Stone has to put aside problems at home and an ambitious underling when the daughter of a local businessman is kidnapped, and a multi-million Euro ransom demanded for her return.
Can he find her and return her safely to her parents when the kidnappers are dangerously close to home?

About the book
This is the first in my Inspector Stone series, which is set, for the most part, in the fictional small English town of Branton, I have six books queued up in the series, to be released over the next few years, with more ideas to be written; the character of Inspector Stone was inspired by David Jason’s Inspector Frost, and by the variety of other British detectives I have read and seen on TV.

About the Author
Alex Carver has worked in the clerical, warehouse and retail industries over the years, without gaining much satisfaction, and has now quit to follow his dream and become a full-time writer. The Inspector Stone series already has 1 title released with book 2, An Eye For An Eye due out in 2017 and 4 others in various stages of being written. Alex is always working on Written In Blood, a thriller about a serial killer, which is due out in early 2017.

One review on Amazon says “Meticulously detailed and realistic, Where There’s a Will, is a terrific crime drama. Nate Stone is a dedicated inspector assigned to investigate a robbery at a festival. Could the the fleeing robbers be guilty of a hit and run, as well?” Those two lines convinced me even more.

Alex, like me, is an Independent Author. That means he’s written, marketed, and published his novel with little or no outside help, independent of the giant publishing conglomerates. That’s a tough row to hoe, but the best fiction novels in the universe are being written by Alex and writers like him. Take a chance and a peek at Where There’s A Will: Inspector Stone Book One. You’ll be glad you did.