July 2006, on US-69 near Eufaula Lake in Oklahoma. Taken from the front seat of a 1997 International Eagle. I saw the train coming, held the camera up with one hand, and clicked the shutter without looking. #ThrowbackThursday #tbt

The truck I was driving that day later became Bobbie Jo, one of two trucks I owned. The second truck was named Billie Jo. Both trucks were named after the daughters on Petticoat Junction.  Both trucks were farm girls. They worked hard, didn’t mind getting dirty, and they cleaned up real nice when they got a bath.  Lots o’ curves, you bet, even more when you get to the junction And here’s some cool trivia:

“The idea for Petticoat Junction came from Paul Henning’s wife. She used to tell him stories of her childhood when she was visiting her family’s hotel in Eldon, Missouri. The stories she used to tell Paul about her adventures at the Burris Hotel became the basis of the show.”

Also, the dog on Petticoat Junction, which never had a name on the show – they always called it “the dog” – later became famous as Benji. His real name was Higgins, and he and Uncle Joe were real-life buddies.