Mirth Defects (FREE through December 28, 2016!)

The instant he slipped from his Ma’s womb, JD Ferguson knew what was missing: his soul mate. Falling in love with his delivery room nurse seconds before being wrenched from her arms, JD begins his quest to find his One True Love. Growing up in Roadapple Ridge, Iowa, JD experiences broken bones, stolen locomotives, stolen kisses, and a stolen heart by a girl who teaches him life’s hardest lesson.

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The Seduction of Granny

An old man teaches his great-grandson every mistake possible on the road to true love.

The Seduction of Granny - Cover

Meet JD Ferguson: Husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, train wreck, part-time idiot, and full-time womanizer. After spending years on a quest to snag his soulmate, Miss Baby Harper, JD becomes the man Baby wants and needs, and they live happily ever after.

Sort of.

JD’s great-grandson Jacob asks JD to come to Colorado to tell the tale of JD and Baby’s romance. Jake (known as “boa” to JD) wants to reverse-engineer Papa’s mistakes so he can woo his new girlfriend.

That’s when things get even more strange.

“Deliciously funny! I give it 5 stars!”

“First time in a long time a book has made me outright laugh.”

“Reminds me of Stand by Me, only a helluva lot funnier.”

Free Sneak Peek of “The Seduction of Granny”