An old man teaches his great-grandson every mistake possible on the road to true love.

The Seduction of Granny is a fiction romance comedy novel told from the perspective of JD Ferguson to his great-grandson Jacob. Jacob knows his great-grandpa was a player back in the day but managed to snag his soulmate, Miss Baby Harper, after years of being an idiot and womanizer. Jake, who will be turning 16 years old soon, asks JD to come to Colorado and tell his story so Jake can learn how to snag his own soulmate even though he hasn’t had the courage to say a word to her yet.

The Seduction of Granny evolved over several years. I originally started working on it when my oldest son said he liked hearing me tell old stories. I was almost flattered until he said he would rather read about them than hear me talk. It seems my verbal stories wander all over and take hours. I got the last laugh in, though. I’m leaving him in my Last Will and Testament. He will never get all my bills paid off.

A sneak peek of The Seduction of Granny is here.

A sneak peek of The Seduction of Granny